FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW turns 50 • Nick’s Top 50 Albums of 2019

Almost exactly one year ago, on 22 Januar 2019, the first episode of the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW with Nick a.k.a. the Fadeaway Barber premiered on say say • soulful hip-hop radio. Nick lives in Ohio (US) and serves as your direct plug to the newest, dopest, grimiest and soulful joints in US underground rap.

The Show started out purely with music that Nick had curated for the show. After a couple of episodes, Nick started doing an intro to the show. We loved it and begged him to share more of his knowledge and passion about the music. Nowadays the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW is a a full-blown radio show, with features and even exclusive tracks. Today (21 Januar 2020), we happily celebrate the 50th episode!

We are proud of the show and having Nick doing this exclusively for say say. Many many thanks to Nick and his daughters for their efforts and their love for hip-hop music!! Congrats to this awesome show! We have discovered many artists, albums and tracks in the show that we have also included in our regular program.

To give you something special today, Nick has put together his Top 50 Best Albums of 2019, which you will find below. Make sure you check these out because you know if they are among Nick’s Top 50 of 2019, they are definitely worth it!

Please see further below the tracklist for tonight’s show (show is a „regular“ show, not a best of).

Fadeaway Barber’s Top 50 Best Albums of 2019

Fadeaway Barber’s Top 50 Best Albums of 2019 (no particular order & NOT including EPs or producer albums or instrumental albums).

“Marcielago”- Roc Marci
“Only Way Out”- Rigz & Mooch prod Big Ghost
“M.A.D.E”- Lisaan’Dro
“Black Cesar”- Knowledge The Pirate
“Joyeria”- Rome Steetz
“Kill Em All”- Mach-Hommy prod DJ Muggs
“The Plugs I Met”- Benny The Butcher
“A Bullet For Every Heathen”-38 Spesh prod
“Wap Konn Joj”- Mach-Hommy
“Medallo”- Crimeapple prod DJ Muggs
“Bandana”- Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
“Lamb Over Rice”- Action Bronson prod Alchemist
“Hitler Wears Hermès 7”-WestsideGunn
“Trafficante”- Pounds prod by Buckwild
“Yenaldooshi”- Daniel Son prod Futurewave
“It Wasn’t Even Close”- Your Old Droog
“Hells Roof”- Eto prod DJ Muggs
“Tuez-Les Tous”-Mach-Hommy prod DJ Muggs
“Square Root Of A Kilo”- RJ Payne
“WWCD”- Griselda
“Sane No More”- Codenine prod Billy Loman
“Headcrack”- Rome Steetz prod Futurewave
“Gets Greater Later”- Flee Lord
“Papitas”- Estee Nack prod Giallo Point
“Slimewave”- Hus King Pin
“Fronto Fever Dreams”- Flashius Clayton prod Dirty Diggs
“Cold World”- Ankhlejohn prod Vinyl Villain
“Spencer For Hire 2”- Vic Spencer
“Look What I Became”- Conway The Machine
“Nose Kandy 3”- Rome Streetz
“D.R.E.A.M.S”- Bub Rock
“Boss Sauce”- Mooch prod Futurewave
“One Of The Best Yet”- Gang Starr
“Logan”- Adonis prod DJ Skizz
“Retropolitan”- Skyzoo & Pete Rock
“The Called & Chosen”- Teller Banks Blaq prod by Knight
“Gutter Roach Slums”- Rigz prod Chup
“FastLife 2”- Fastlife
“Holy Water”- Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG
“Room 39 Part 2”- Ty Farris prod Trox
“Spanish Sauce”- Sauce Heist prod Spanish
“Price Of Fame”- Sean Price & Lil Fame
“God Body & Soul”- Jah-Monte
“Pompeii”- Jay Nice prod Farma Beats
“Dopaenese”- Mooch prod Giallo Point
“Gorilla Monsoon”- Nems
“The 6th Man”- G4 Jag & Madhattan
“Authorized”- SullyNomad
“Provoleta”- Cousin Feo prod Dre Mendoza
“Left Field”- Left Lane Didon
“Andreas Soriano”- Tedy Andreas
“ Gaddafi”- Supreme Cerebral
“Never Hated I Just Waited”- Chris Crack
“Smoke”- Starker & YL prod DJ Skizz
“Pills & Needles”- The Opioid Era
“Nothing Is Something”- Tree & Vic Spencer

These are the hip-hop tracks in the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #50 on 21 Jan 2020:

💈1-“Free Slim”- Rome Streetz prod by Luca Moustache
💈2-“Ole Days”- G4 Jag prod by Big French
💈3-“Off White Mitch”- Vino prod by
💈4-“Murderer At The Opera”- Big Ghost ft Estee Nack, Recognize Ali, Mooch, Rigz, Asun Eastwood & Crimeapple
💈5-“Tranzor Z”- Da Buze Bruvaz prod by Giallo Point
💈6- THROWBACK-“Cold November”- Benny The Butcher
💈7-“The Understanding”- Jae Hussle prod by Onaje Jordan
💈8-“Jew Tang Forever”- Your Old Droog ft Matisyahu prod by Tha God Fahim
💈9-“Another Day”- Rigz & Mooch prod by Big Ghost
💈10-“SupremeWisdom”- Estee Nack & Al Divino prod by Vago
💈11-“Buggin”- Oh No & Madlib aka The Professionals prod by Madlib
💈12-“Charlatan’s Ruse”- All Hail YT ft Jay Nice & Left Lane Didon prod by Tone Beatz
💈13-“The War”- Ty Farris ft Mav Montana prod by J Bansky
💈14-“Super Aggin”- Adonis prod by DJ Skizz
💈15-“Still In The Hood”- Jamol Gasol ft Rasheed Chappell prod by Wavy Da Ghawd
💈16-“Insane”- Indigo Phoenyx ft XP The Marxman & Eddie Kane prod by P.A Dre Beats
💈17-“Learned From OG’s”- Planet Asia ft Fred The Godson & ElCamino prod by 38 Spesh
💈18-“Dueling Experts”- Verbal Kent & Recognize Ali prod by Psycho Les
💈19-“Champion Blood”- Tha Soloist prod by Tone Spliff
💈20-“Crown”- Che Noir ft Planet Asia & Street Justice prod by 38 Spesh
💈21-“Auspicious Times”- Iceberg Theory ft Galaxy Motel prod by August Fanon
💈22-“Open The Vault”- Sir Michael Rocks
💈23-“Rap Like”- Ullnevano ft DJ Jon Doe prod by JR Swiftz
💈24-“Opium Smoke”- SullyNomad & Haze prod by Observe Since 98
💈25-“Sabertooth Coats”- Hus King Pin prod by Evidence
💈26-“Jamaica/Blizzard”- Dark Lo prod by VDon

All super dope artists – make sure you support them!

Wondering who Fadeaway Barber is and what this show is all about? Read our introductory blog post here.

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