Tracklist FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #2 • 29 Jan 2019

Back again for the 2nd edition of the Fadeaway Barber Show. Once again I handpicked 20 songs of pure fire from some of the illest MCs and producers in the game“ (Fadeaway Barber) – Word!

In this week’s tracklist below, he made sure to include the producers of each song „because producers don’t always get the love they deserve, so I try to show love to them as much as possible„. That is right and definitely a downside of the streaming era.

These are the hiphop tracks played in the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #2 on 29 January 2019:

  1. Flour City”- 38 Spesh feat Eto prod by 38 Spesh
  2. Auerbach’s”- Codenine & Grubby Pawz
  3. Wrinkled Feathers”- Knowledge The Pirate prod by Elemnt
  4. Teddy Joint”- Manic feat Tedy Andreas prod by Klever Skemes
  5. Hennergy”- Chris Crack prod by DJ Chong
  6. Table For 1”- Pounds prod by Grade A BC
  7. So Vintage”- Flashius Clayton, Lisaan’dro, Don O prod by Lou Minoti
  8. Off The Corner”- Rick Hyde feat El Camino prod by Chup
  9. Dolph Lundgren”- Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs
  10. Winners Circle”– Big Twins feat Rigz,Beanz,Sean Rosati,Smoovth & Hus King Pin prod by M. Staxx
  11. Fadeaway Barber”- ANKHLEJOHN prod by Sadhugold
  12. Tapestry”- Jamil Honesty feat Rome Streetz & Codenine prod by Hobgoblin Beats
  13. Cloudy Skies”- Lisaan’dro prod by Farma Beats
  14. Familia”- Bub Rock feat Broz prod by Giallo Point
  15. High Noon”- Willie The Kid & Klever Skemes feat Manic & Roc Marciano
  16. Da Munny”- Sure Shot feat Bunchy Cartier & UFO Fev
  17. Give & Take”- Maverick Montana feat Rigz prod by Finn
  18. Reign Supreme”- Vic Spencer & SonnyJim feat CRIMEAPPLE
  19. Innalekkchewal”- Ralphiie Reese feat Rigz & The Dart Unit prod by Ralphiie
  20. Carangi, Gia”- Sully Nomad prod by Jon Glass

All very talented hiphop artists – make sure you support them!

The FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW on say say brings you raw & uncut underground hiphop.

Tuesdays at 20.00 o’clock & 2 o’clock German time (CET) / 4pm & 8pm US Eastcoast (EDT)

Wondering who Fadeaway Barber is and what this show is all about? Read our introductory blog post here.

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