Tracklist FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #3 • 5 Feb 2019

Once again, the Fadeaway Barber Show on say say brought to you 20 more of the dopest and grimiest joints, handpicked and curated by Fadeaway Barber.

These are the hip-hop tracks played in the Fadeaway Barber Show #3 on 5 February 2019:

  1. „Rayful Bag“ – El Camino feat. Benny (prod. by Shay)
  2. „All Night Long“ – Times Change (prod. by Chup)
  3. „Pounds of Style“ – Atar’e Godspeed
  4. „Jeepers Creepers“ – Grime Lords feat. Daniel Son (prod. by Pete Twist)
  5. „Kraze“ – Eto & Willie the Kid (prod. by VDon)
  6. „Door Busters“ – Don O feat. Lisaan’dro & Flashius Clayton (prod. by Lou Minoti)
  7. „Vintage Garments“ – Jay Royale (prod. by Jsoul)
  8. „God Tier“ – Adonis & Sekwence
  9. „Gem Star Barz“ – Rome Streetz (prod. by Tha Artivist)
  10. „Whiskey & Pistols“ – Nowaah the Flood feat. Tesla’s Ghost (prod. by The Kurse)
  11. „Know About It“ – Dunbar
  12. „Botero Statue“ – Primo Profit (prod. by MichaelAngelo)
  13. „Wilt Chamberlin Chains“ – Hus King Pin feat. Left Lane Didon (prod. by Coyote)
  14. „Home“ – Killy Shoot (prod. by Free Mind)
  15. „A Piece of the Action“ – Rigz (prod. by Flu)
  16. „Jon Gotti“ – Sean Price feat. AG da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog (prod. by Small Pro)
  17. „Darryl Dawkins“ – Ullnevano (prod. by Manhe)
  18. „Eternal Life“ – Ankhlejohn (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
  19. „Quality Time“ – Thatdunbud feat. Chris Crack (prod. by Big Daddy Chop)
  20. „Soul Pain“ – 38 Spesh (prod. by LT Beats & 38 Spesh)

All very talented hip-hop artists – make sure you support them!

The Fadeaway Barber Show on say say brings you raw & uncut underground hip-hop.

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