Tracklist FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #1 • 22 Jan 2019

What a sensational start! We loved every single track! Where does Fadeaway Barber dig out these hip hop gems… we will never figure out.

These are the tracks played in the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #1 on 22 January 2018. All very talented hip hop artists – make sure you support them!

  1. Lord God”- Myalansky feat Joe Mafia
  2. Truffles”- Fast Life
  3. Yardie”- Uncle John
  4. Popular”- Pounds (BC)
  5. Deja Vu”- Bub Rock feat Codenine (BC)
  6. Snappin On Sadhugold”- Jamal Gasol
  7. New Breed”- Eto
  8. Gospel”- Vic Spencer & Tree
  9. Lord Forgive Me”- Banish Habitual feat Supreme Cerebral & Shokryme
  10. Going Up”- Willie The Kid
  11. Last Call”- Lord Juco feat Jamal Gasol (BC)
  12. Diamond Heist”- Dap Zini
  13. Columbian Neck Tie”- Rome Streetz feat Illah Ghee & Agallah
  14. No Tears”- Prodigal Sunn feat XP The Marxman & Timbo King
  15. Braunstein Fretes”- Sully Nomad
  16. Nu Fish”- Con$piracy & Carlitosz Beatz feat Trappin Azz Dee (BC)
  17. Old Morals New Blessings”- Aye Wun
  18. 93 Jerry Ball”- Aztek The Barfly feat Bang Belishi J-Classic & Kid Vishis
  19. Echo Long”- Benny feat WestsideGunn & Meyhem Lauren
  20. The Pot, 3 Hots & A Pine Box”- Left Lane Didon

The FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW on say say brings you raw & uncut underground hip hop every Tuesday at 20.00 o’clock & 2 o’clock German time / 4pm & 8pm US Eastcoast.

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Wondering who Fadeaway Barber is and what this show is all about? Read our introductory blog post here.

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