Shownotes FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #83 • 5 + 12 January 2021

Every Tuesday, Nick a.k.a. Fadeaway Barber presents the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW right here on say say • soulful hip-hop radio. Nick lives in the US and serves as your direct plug to the newest, dopest, grimiest soulful joints in US underground rap. He also plays exclusive tracks that artists provided to him directly ahead of the official releases. In addition to the awesome tracks, Nick also talks about new music that has been released since the last show and any upcoming music he is looking forward to.

These are the hip-hop tracks in the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #83 on 5+ 12 January 2021:

💈1-“Two Zips”- Roc Marciano prod by Roc Marci
💈2-“Toll Booth”- 38 Spesh ft Ransom & Klass Murda prod by 38 Spesh
💈3-“1491”- Navy Blue prod by Evidence
💈4-“Like Me”- POUNDS prod by POUNDS
💈5-“1 A.M Music”- Flee Lord prod by Havoc
💈6-THROWBACK-“Mince Meat”- DangerDOOM aka DOOM prod by Danger Mouse
💈7-“Uncut Gems”- Ransom prod by Nicholas Craven 
💈8-“Jesus Pieces”- Milano Constantine & Body Bag Ben prod by Body Bag Ben
💈9-“Staff Picks”- Lord Juco ft Flashius Clayton & Skunkz prod by Bohemian Lynch
💈10-“Conspiracies”- Jay Nice & Knowledge The Pirate prod by Observe Since 98
💈11-“9LB Hammer In Hammersmith”- Crimeapple ft Da Flyy Hooligan & Sonnyjim prod by Buck Dudley
💈12-“Good Foot”- Boldy James ft Mooch & Rigz prod by Real Bad Man
💈13-“Therapy”- Asun Eastwood prod by Wizdom Bunitall
💈14-“Luxury Raps”- Dat Boi Vic ft Sageinfinite
💈15-“1957”- Al-Doe ft Bloo prod by Spanish Ran
💈16-“Half Moon Caesar”- Mondo Slade ft Rim DaVillin & Yaw Geez prod by King Rem
💈17-“Zooted Shooters”- XP The Marxman prod by 
💈18-“Ew Mcnasty Wave”- Vic Spencer prod by Earl Saga
💈19-“Glass In The Air”- Rasheed Chappell ft The Musalini prod by Reckonize Real
💈20-“Re-up”- Black Geez ft Beanie Sigel 
💈21-“Balance It”- Rigz prod by Futurewave
💈22-“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”- Shawn Calhoune
💈23-“Raw Oysters”- Conway The Machine prod by Daringer & Beat Butcha
💈24-“Losing Weight”- Kingikeem & Gene Stanza
💈25-“Anti-Matter”- King Geedorah aka MF DOOM🙏🏼ft Mr. Fantastik

Wondering who Fadeaway Barber is and what this show is all about? Read our introductory blog post here.

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Category: Shownotes | Author: Freddy | Tracks curated & sequenced by: Nick Gauder a.k.a. Fadeaway Barber | Graphic: Marek

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