Shownotes FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #38 • 08 Oct 2019

Every Tuesday, Nick a.k.a. Fadeaway Barber presents the FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW right here on say say • soulful hip-hop radio. Nick lives in the US and serves as your direct plug to the newest, dopest, grimiest soulful joints in US underground rap. He also plays exclusive tracks that artists provided to him directly ahead of the official releases. In addition to the awesome tracks, Nick also talks about new music that has been released since the last show and any upcoming music he is looking forward to.

These are the hip-hop tracks in the
FADEAWAY BARBER SHOW #38 on 08 Oct 2019:

💈1-“All Day”- Bub Rock ft Ty Farris & Rome Streetz prod by AP
💈2-“Carbon Fiber”- Stu Bangas ft Apathy prod by Stu Bangas
💈3-“Grind To Survive”- Flee Lord ft Nem$ prod by DJ Shay
💈4-“Visiting Room”- Taj Mahal prod by Golden Boy
💈5-“Archer 93”- Don O prod by Flashius Clayton
💈6- FADEAWAY’S THROWBACK-“Amazing”- Termanology prod by DJ Premiere
💈7-“Legions In Rome”- Cousin Feo & Lord Juco prod by Flu
💈8-“Fortnum & Mason”- Haze ft Estee Nack prod by Moss 
💈9-“DATD”- Lord Juco prod by The Historian 
💈10-“Free The Members”- Scott Gesus prod by IAmT2Music & Trevor Lang
💈11-“For The Homies”- L-Biz ft Son Of Tony prod by RoobXcube
💈12-“What He Got”- Noah O prod by Fan Ran 
💈13-“Powder Tar Heels”- SullyNomad prod by NCL
💈14-“Ho-Lee-Chow”- Saipher Soze prod by Finn
💈15-“The Offer”- Dark Lo prod by J. Demers
💈16-“Dues Paid”- Suave-Ski ft Apathy prod by Alcapella
💈17-“The Wrong Gods”- Brownlucci ft Nightwalker prod by 
💈18-“My Everything Is Bulletproof”- Jeremiah Jae prod by L’Orange
💈19-“Fuck Humble”- Raze The Ratchet
💈20-“Nintendo Bitch”- Fly Anakin & OG Big Kahuna prod by Sadhugold
💈21-“Theme Song”- Danny Brown prod by Cartie Curt
💈22-“Ro$e$”- Jameel Na’im X

All super dope artists – make sure you support them!

Wondering who Fadeaway Barber is and what this show is all about? Read our introductory blog post here.

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Category: Shownotes | Author: Freddy | Tracks curated & sequenced by: Nick Gauder a.k.a. Fadeaway Barber | Graphic: Marek

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